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Have you ever watched a YouTube video and seen the exhilaration on someone’s face as they’re doing something that’s amazing? Maybe they’re soaring through the sky on a jetpack or plummeting down the world’s tallest waterslide, and you can just see the look of amazement etched right across their face … and nothing else.

Jeff Pinard wanted to see more. He wanted a glimpse at the beautiful landscapes and exotic locales that many of these videos are shot in. He wanted to see the powdery white snow, the sunny beaches, and the lush country sides. He knew that the reason most people didn’t show their surroundings was due to filming equipment that couldn’t properly handle the job. Many were using selfie-stick type devices that were better suited for snapping a pic at the mall than for capturing the intensity and excitement of weekend adventures.

He knew that videographers needed a device that could be operated with just one hand and that the controls needed to be right at the user’s fingertips. It had to be light in weight, yet durable enough to handle whatever Mother Nature could throw at it. Most importantly, it needed to provide a fully immersive, 360° view of the world in all of its glory.

Jeff had an idea in mind, the drive to see it through, and the desire to put it in the hands of portable filming aficionados everywhere.

The only thing he didn’t have was the time to actually build it.

Enter Tim Jodoin and Edispin.

A snowboarding enthusiast that completely understood the motivation behind Jeff’s concept, Tim was also a seasoned pro in the field of Research and Development. He’d played a pivotal role in launching new products for almost a decade and that passion for turning dreams into reality led him to the formation of Edispin. Serving as a start-up accelerator whose sole purpose was to help creators get their ideas to market while minimizing risks, the company was on the hunt for its flagship product, and Jeff’s fit the criteria perfectly. What began as a chat over a couple of beers grew into a partnership that would not only see Jeff’s vision come to fruition, but would also revolutionize the way handheld video was captured.

Work began on the project in September of 2014 and went from concept to crowdfunding in just 9 months. The invention was dubbed the Orbit Pole and was launched on Kickstarter in July 2015, where like-minded thrill seekers and hobbyists everywhere helped crush the initial funding goal. The Orbit Pole has since garnered mainstream attention after having been featured on some of the tech industry’s most respectable television programs, and has been picked up for retail by outlets such as Best Buy and B & H Photo Video.

The culmination of years of hard work and a desire to innovate, the Orbit Pole has fast found its way into the hands of everyone that’s serious about capturing and sharing life’s most awe-inspiring moments.





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